Meet The Family!

   This blog is dedicated to sharing a glimpse into the lives of the Alaska String Band, which is made up of the Zahasky family. We live in the capital of Alaska, Juneau, but when we aren’t home we’re traveling and touring nationally and internationally. For more information about our tours, please visit our website.
   The blog is mostly written by Emily Zahasky, though sometimes Melissa and Quinn will write for it as well. All poetry on the blog is also written by Emily, unless otherwise stated.

Members of the family and band are as follows:

Paul- The father of the family who plays guitar and mandolin in the band. You can easily find him working in his garden, or off fishing in his boat on a nice day. And yes, we know he looks like John Denver.

Melissa- The loving mother of the family, who plays violin in the band. She has a deep love of coffee, chocolate, table cloths, dishes, and ovens (she owns three!). You can find her out in her flower garden on sunny days, or sitting at her sewing machine.

Laura- The eldest daughter, who expertly plays guitar, mandolin, violin with the band. Laura can often be found at Starbucks or roaming the mountain trails of Alaska on adventurous hikes.

Also pictured is the evil family parrot, Xochie (pronounced So-chee).

Quinn- The middle child and only son, who can woo any girl (though he is now married) with his incredible bass playing! Quinn spends his free time making movies with his friends, jumping off of cliffs into the frigid Alaskan ocean, and skiing all winter.

Emily- The newest member of the band and family! Emily just married Quinn, and now plays mandolin with the band. She enjoys throwing parties, crafting and sewing of all types, and has a great love of baking.

Abigail- The youngest member of the family, she plays mandolin, violin, banjo, and almost all other stringed instruments! Abby loves drawing and painting, taking photos with her camera, and can often be found in a pretty dress ready for dancing!

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