Alaska's Beauty

We love making videos to show you the beauty of where we live. 
Below, are links to some of our best nature videos 
and the stories that go along with them. 
We hope you will enjoy seeing Juneau through our eyes!


   Join us as we visit a beach near and dear to our hearts. Not far away from our home on North Douglas, Quinn and Emily visit the rocky shore one Sunday evening to explore and see the calm, glass-like sea. Watch as they hunt for shells, throw sticks for Cedar, and poke at anemones.

   Wake up early and hike four miles to the quickly vanishing Mendenhall Glacier. You'll traverse through Alaska's well-known temperate rain forest, scale glacial-smoothed rock cliffs, and stare up in awe at the massiveness and beauty of the glacier.

   Watch the Chilkoot Mountain range turn pink and gold as the sun sets behind their snow capped peaks. Build a fire with Emily's brothers, fly the quadcopter with Quinn, and set off orange lanterns into the sunset. Summer is almost here!

   Spring has almost come to Juneau and our little corner of the island of Douglas. Walk with us down to the flats to see the snow melting in the sunshine. See the new plants growing slowly in the garden, and hear the geese call to each other as they fly away.

   Quinn and Emily spend a free evening hiking out to their favorite cliffs to watch the sunset. A flock of ravens interrupts the quite evening, while three seals play below them in the waves. As the sun slowly sets, rain pours down on mountains that seem far, far away.

   A four mile hike up to Granite Creek became a bit more interesting with the added fun of snow covering the end of the trail. Hike with Quinn and Emily as they climb higher and higher to see the mountains as few ever do.

That's it for now, but don't worry...
more are coming soon!

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