Friday, October 9, 2015

The Travel Blog of Regina the Penguin


My name is Regina, 

I'm a penguin. 

This is a blog post documenting the travels I did with two of my best friends: Emily and Quinn.

It all started back in Fresno California...
You see, I'm Laura's penguin. And Laura wanted me to be with her when she traveled with the Alaska String Band this fall. So I hitched a ride with Quinn and Emily and soon I'll be reunited with my owner Laura. 

But on to the travel blogging!

I believe the worst part of any travel making is going through security. 
TSA wouldn't allow me to walk through the fancy-dancy scanner like all the other people, oh no! They said because I was a penguin I needed to go through the baggage scanner. 

It was very cramped in there.

Thankfully, the experience only got better from there. 

I had my passport, I had my boarding pass, everything was ready! 

Now to wait.

The waiting was made more fun by all the small children waiting along with me. They really liked playing with me! Although I did get a bit of baby slobber on my beak...

Getting on my first plane was a bit scary, but Emily promised me it wouldn't be that bad. 

I made sure to pay extra special attention to the safety cards and the flight attendants. I have to admit I got a little scared when they didn't talk about penguin sized life vests, but they seemed to think I wouldn't need one.

I was so tired from our early morning (we had to wake up at 3:30am!) that I fell asleep before the plane even took off! Quinn didn't wake me up again till we were taxing to the gate after landing.

We still had another flight though, so it was off to figure out where we were headed.

I asked if we could take a detour to the North Pole to see Santa, but no one really liked the idea.

While waiting in this airport, I passed the time by trying on sunglasses in one of the stores. I couldn't decided between these two pairs, so I bought both!

I also liked riding up and down the escalators! 

I don't think many people had seen a penguin going up and down an escalator before.

I got quite a few interesting looks!

Soon it was time to get on the next plane. 
This time, I stayed awake to watch us take-off. 
The view was so pretty!

This ends my travel journal for now. You'll be happy to know that Quinn, Emily and I all made it safely to our destination. I look forward to Laura joining us (I miss her!) and the adventures we'll have together.

Until next time, this is Regina signing off!